What to Avoid Adjusting Shipping Prices

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Predictable shipping expenses are important to the efficient operation of any organization. Inform your Freightquote by C.H. Robinson professional of all pertinent data about your consignment to ensure you get the most accurate quote possible and prevent unnecessary modifications. The following are some frequent reasons that may influence whether or not contract carriers make a pricing change.

These costs apply to shipments longer than 12 feet. Prepare for these expenses by include the extra length in your quotation request. For shipments weighing more than 100 pounds or 72 inches in height, or for pick-up and drop-off sites without docks, a liftgate truck may be required.

If the pick-up or drop-off site has restricted carrier access and was not included in the first price, an adjustment may be made. Limited access may apply to commercial establishments that are open to the general public or that lack an employee to help with loading and unloading.

This adjustment is generally made when a cargo picks up or delivers to an unmarked dwelling or company that was not included in the initial shipping quotation. Ascertain that the bill of lading appropriately states the company name.

If a freight contract carrier quotes a cargo based on a freight/NMFC class and the actual freight/NMFC class for the products being carried is different, a reclass adjustment is almost always imposed.
Changes to the bill of lading.

If a contract carrier predicated the freight quotation on any of the initially given information, changes to the bill of lading may result in modifications.

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